Thursday, February 7, 2008

A Wikipedia for SL

Imagine a source of information on SL not under the control of any particular group of people. Imagine a search that isn't "pay for play." Imagine that it is accessible in world. Imagine that what you are doing is easy to find, or that people can look you up beyond the micro-profile space we get from LL in world.

Well all of that can happen. If we decide to make it so. Consider my sample article on one Lillie Yifu. Now get a copy of my WikiHUD, from me or by making one, and try

/4 Lillie Yifu

That's what is possible: information, with a picture, in world, which is easily editable by using the web page. We can document our places, our favorite contetnt providers, our favorite content, builds and places. Instead of things being forgotten, or mentioned only in a blog which gets buried by the next thing. Second Life is large enough now that it needs its own encyclopedia. We can do this, and the incentive is that it is not an "outworld" source of information, but an inworld source. One that we control.

Will there be drama and fights. Yes, because that's sl, and rl's wikipedia has big vast fights too. If it is worth writing about, it is often worth fighting about, or so it seems.

The tools are being built, what is needed now is simple. Go write yourself up, your business in sl, your activities, your groups. That way people can find out about them, and add their own.

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