Monday, August 20, 2007

100 USD worth of sex bed pooooof!

Warning to everyone: just when you thought it was safe to spend money in sl......


  1. Yipes! That's just terrible! I worried about that when I attached my new Diamond to the bed I'm using now. Did you contact the seller? Sometimes they do have some sympathy for situations like that.

    Other people will know more about this, but I've heard something about the Linden's being able roll back inventories in the case of a large loss.


  2. That is exactly what happned, I took the bed to be updated, paid for the very expensive upgrade to diamond, used it, and the client acted like it was connected, but was in fact unresponsive. This is usually the sign of a whole sim crashing.

    When I logged back in, the bed was gone. I did the inventory dance, and it was not in lost and found.