Friday, August 17, 2007

Intel's Slave ship

The clamor about this ad is quite real. Interestingly enough there was muffled noises about a woman in the squat pose in SI. She has lost her lower legs and runs on artificial ons. Her "spread" in SI, featured on pose in the squat sprint.

Nuance however, is important, there she was in a pose from one of her signature activiteis, in a sports magazine which has lots and lots of pictures of people in sexualized poses of athletics. This ad cuts people off. Yes slave rowers are hunched over for the same reason that sprinters as the starting gate are, but this ad doesn't suggest coiled speed, but, well a slave ship over-lorded by a white master. Note that none of the runners are anything other than a particular shade of african dark, and are all faceless.

If you need to see how out of touch the top of society is from the bottom, realize that dozens of people had to approve this ad, and none got it.


  1. FYI the linky's broken in this post Lillie

  2. Weird. When I click on the link I get "forbidden." When I *copy and paste* that same link it works. *shrug*