Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Here we go

Last night I upgraded my sexgen platinum bed to 5.0 and bought the diamond upgrade. That is 7000L, on top of the 15K I had already spent on the bed. I also, for the record, own a sex gen couch which is considerably more modest in price, but I liked the look of it.

I rezed it in my skybox, and the whole simulator went down about 10 minutes later. When I logged back on, was gone, and was no where in inventory. I did the inventory dance. I went to the website to try and find a form for lost inventory, but searching the website brought up an error.

So now I am going to document my journey to get back what is rightful mine: a very expensive, relative to the size of the sl economy, sex bed. Think about it, I am paid 750L :15 of sex. The bed is then, about 1/2 of a week's earnings at escorting, and that is gross earnings. Take out the tier I pay to the owner of the land, and it is about two weeks of profits. How would you like two weeks of your part time job, before taxes, taken away from you?

I'm told by some people that it won't come back, by others that it will reappear, I don't know, I haven't had anything lost like this before. I've had things accidentally drop into an object, only to be found in the object's contents folder later... But not "rez and sim crashes"....

Sigh. This is my property, I paid for a license to use software, that's really all I want back: the license to use software that I paid a great deal for relative to the size of my income here.


  1. Went I stood beside the person who upgraded my bed this exact thing happened to her. My bed just went away and never came back. Luckily she was working on it and just gave me a new one. You should talk to the sex gen people.

    I lost a $30 couch two weeks ago and it never came back.

    Now I feel bad for suggesting an upgrade.

  2. That will happen until serious group of residents with lawyer don't go to the court of law and ask for the change of ToS.

  3. What is the tipping point at which people will start refraining from shopping out of a general sense of the risk of loss?
    I lost a full Paradise Blanket and all 13 salsas from Abranimations. They never came back. Shout out to October Brotherhood who replaced the blanket; and to show that certain rules of life work in SL as well, when I got it back I showed it to my girlfriend who promptly bought two for her land and her friend bought a third.

  4. I think that point is already reached. Traffic has not grown for weeks, media coverage is highly negative and more and more of the blogging about SL is as well.

    The loud complaining sound, I think, has convinced people that SL is like those huge lugable "portable phones" from years and years and years ago... if you need it, you come, if you don't you are waiting for the version that will be ready for general consumption.

    The reality is that SL has been warned over and over again that inventory loss and crash loss are two killer issues, and instead choose to pursue voice, which is a feature that almost no one seems to use... even people who don't mind using it. I see it at a few conferences and so on, but most of that could have been done with a stream.

    The real problem is that Linden Labs has no respect for other people's property.

  5. Negative media coverage is very missleading, for both residents and LL. Most of the media is bitching about sex and lifestyles of residents. But, they don't come to the fact that SL is at this moment a very unstable platform which causes you financial loss. That is supported by the fact that we are always speaking about amounts less than 100US$, usually less than couple of dollars. But gridwide, that is hell of a money. Other thing is that that money does not go directly in the pockets of LL. Lindens didn't steal anything from our invs, it is just that their bad service causes loss.

  6. But the did steal things directly from us, by not saving them.

  7. Well, it causes damage and loss by not operating properly.

  8. Just wonderin', was this bed No Copy?

    I'm sorry about the trouble! My gf was telling me she lost a bunch of stuff, just not anything this expensive. Eek!

  9. Yes. The really expensive beds like the SexGen line are no copy. They really kind of have to be with the price that they charge for them because then an owner of a big sex hotel would only have to pay for one bed and rez as many as she/he needed.

    Also, even if one is only buying it for personal use, it's the kind of thing that has a good value on the resale market. I know how much I hate it when I buy an expensive outfit that just doesn't suit me, but is no transfer, so I can't pass it along to someone else and that's just a few hundred L$.

  10. "The really expensive beds like the SexGen line are no copy. They really kind of have to be with the price that they charge for them because then an owner of a big sex hotel would only have to pay for one bed and rez as many as she/he needed."

    I think you gave the answer.

  11. Sexgen sent me a new one. Kudos for them.