Tuesday, August 14, 2007

A journey through several lives

Hat tip to London for linking to this:

OP and SL journey...

I think that people naturally have many ways of being, sometimes that means "one partner for life" in some form or another, and usually it means "many short relationships and small number of very important ones." But what is more interesting to me is the question of identity. We have always had many identities, often in relationship to work and private life, and historically, religion as well. Many subsets of our life require we take on different identities, even formally different ones: with different names and pasts.

Digital identity is another example of this, and different from the ones that came before, but not completely different. I am me in all my lives, even if the identity may differ, it is the same personality, more or less. However, being in SL makes it possible to learn how to cultivate parts of that personality that RL doesn't always give full range to, or puts pressures to abandon.


  1. Lillie, thanks for linking to my post!

    I don't know if you read the Winged Girl Blog, but you might find Kate Amdahl's take on this fascinating issue to be congenial...

  2. Yes, I read that and linked to it earlier on. It is a good post I think, and useful for people to read.