Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Greetings from Jazon

Thank you Lillie for the introduction, I'll still be posting my most personal stories over on my blog, but I'll be doing a more journalistic approach about once a week here. Most of my background can also be found at my blog, but to summarize, I've been playing Second Life for a couple of years now, Jazon is my current avatar and I plan on keeping it the final Second Life version of myself. I've been a builder, club owner, and patron of the arts of Second Life. I usually write in a mixture of both my real life and Second Life experiences in my personal blog, I've gotten a few compliments on my writing style, and writing everything from creative stories to covering just the facts is something I that I've really enjoyed doing since I was in my early teens.

As far as the material I'm going to cover here, it will be mostly commentary, observations and opinions on some of the places, events, and general living in Second Life. I don't intend on doing much meshing of the two worlds in my articles on 2nd Sex, but keep them rather topic oriented and about the virtual world. I can't promise anything steamy or controversial as some of the things you're used to reading from Lillie, but for the most part I hope to keep it interesting. I'm actually starting to work on my first story, my new home, the S.S. Galaxy, it's been covered by many web sites and blogs, but there hasn't been anything here yet. You'll get a full review of my time aboard the 3 sim long cruise ship, and since I'll be living there for a few weeks the article should be something a little more in depth than some of the other reviews from players spending a few hours there. If you're interested in learning a little more about me my personal blog is linked to from this page, or you can start here, and thanks for reading.

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