Sunday, August 12, 2007

Escort Scamming

Why hire an escort? It is very simple... It is often better to rent than to buy. Now many people carry a prejudice against hiring an escort on sl, because they think they should get sex "free."

There is no such thing as free sex. Either you pay in money, time, quality or relationship. And while sex on sl doesn't feel like the real thing, getting dumped on sl feels exactly like the real thing. Is it really worth risking your marriage or relationship rl for some sl pornography that costs less than the price of fast food, and is a great deal better for your cardio-vascular system?

When you hire an escort, you should check her profile. Escorts who are established will belong to either club groups where they dance, to freelance escort groups where they have ads, and to other groups where they meet people and go and play with the Linden they take in, after all, that is why most of us do this, to have some play money.

If you see someone offer escort services, no matter how cheap, who doesn't have anything in her profile... what are you thinking? Escorts naturally take payment in advance all over SL, for the simple reason that once rendered, the service is gone, and men constantly tell people they have freebied the girl if she trusts them. However the reverse also happens: the scammer pretends to be an escort, and then just logs off.

Now a real escort will not do this, because she will end up kicked out of her groups, and possible kicked off of her rental land if she rents a place, and being unable to work again. Since Second Life is in a state of anarchy, with a government that will not even enforce the most basic of commercial laws, it is necessary for people to be intelligent. That means before paying an escort anything make sure that she or he has some stake in the community. Payment verified means nothing, scammers are both among the verified and unverified. After all all verified means is that you could spend money if you wanted to.

The other sign is that the escort has ads. Ads mean that she has soemthing at risk, because most ad owners will pull ads from a known scammer.

So if you see an escort with no groups, or only junk groups, it is a very good idea not to pay her.

Never hire an escort that is freelancing where it is not permitted. If she is scamming the owners, she might scam you as well. This goes in reverse, don't pressure a girl for sex if she is evasive about it, because in essence you are pressuring her to break the rules against freelancing by saying "yes Iam a professional." In short, don't take solicitations from people who should not, and don't solicit from people who aren't "on the clock."

One well known cam girl with a great reputation recently reported Carrie Babii as a scammer... I'm waiting to hear more, but the person who told me is well known in the trade, and would be risking a great deal if she were simply griefing a girl. From now I am going to report any such names I can find, and put them in a single place. There is no room in our profession for scammers, just as people who sell things legitimately hate stores that steal goods or cheat customers.


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