Thursday, August 30, 2007

The Chosen One

People need what they need. But how they express that need is a choice. If you are a person who needs pain mixed with pleasure, then that is a need. If someone satisfies that need by hurting him or herself enough to end up in the emergency room, then that is a bad set of choices coming to fruition.

Senator Larry Craig had needs, one of those is the need to have sex with men. But another need seems involved the need for the power and transgression. Let me leave the homosexual element out of it, and just focus on the question why he was in a place where there had been enough complaints to have an investigation. One explanation is that he was there for whatever the investigation was for. The scenario is that word got out in the sex in the air community, where things move fast, that a particular weather had settled on that place. So that is one: he wanted the transgression and the police officer was there for the same reason.

But it had reached the point of complaints. A second scenario is that Senator Larry Craig wanted to see if he could walk out. That is with people falling like flies around him, a flash of a business card would have him striding out. He had taken kink to another level, and showed by his power and pride, that he was of the elect, the elite. The chosen.

A third scenario is that he wanted a police officer. He wanted to get the officer to have sex with him, and then let him go. I remember the ringing of text in my eyes in SL "You just gave me a freebie, slut."

Why do I ask this?

Because it is a drum beat in my small brain, how there is a collision of power and sex in our society, and no one wants to delve into it beyond rearranging their prejudices in infinite variation. How there is a vicious consumerism for prejudice in every quarter and every place of our intellectual lives, that has turned this into a carnival of partisan, party or personal interst matters little, without asking.

What story brought Larry Craig to that place, and how is it our story. Isn't the pattern of eliteness now to engage in progressively greater outrages, and expect the card of privilege to be a door out?

There is a heart of darkness to our society, not just America, but in the whole consumer world. I know, I serve the world's needs.

Unfortunately we will not find that heart of darkness, because anyone who approaches the road to it, will be howled down. It is bread and circuses that we want.


  1. Or maybe he's just a bigot idiot.

  2. If he were just a big idiot, he'd have gotten caught long ago.

    Explanations have to be as simple as possible, but not simpler.