Friday, August 31, 2007

The Most Recent Postcard from Epis Oh

Dear Lillian,

We took a further walk on Sunday; leaving your wonderful basilica in the sky and dropping back down to ground level. I wonder if it's possible to do the same trek at 300m? What different and wonderful things would we see?

We came to the coast and followed it along, passing some more large tracts of land for sale. A short way further, in Leiter, we found a build "Arts Against Wars"; some powerful stuff there about the goings on in Baghdad and Palestine. What a total waste! I did resolve to go and see the "Baghdad Streets" exhibition; haven't got round to it yet though.

The marinas of Gogol and ocean of Mathis marking the end of the continent, we started to TP our way from island to island across the ocean. We met with Felicity Chatworthy on Charmers Isle; stopped and chatted for a while before stumbling across Club Infinity; one of those deserted clubs you were referring to in your post.

After breaking there for the night, it wasn't until last night, Thursday, that we managed to get together and resume our walk. Strictly speaking, the next destinaiton should be "Employment Guide", but we decided to take the opportunity to explore Corsica before it gets overrun with gawdy "For Sale" signs and while an av has the freedom to roam the rolling hills. Almost immediately, however, we ran into this.

Ah well, at least the terrain widened out fairly quickly. We found some nice open rolling plains and had a great time enjoying the huge vistas (with draw distance set to 512, of course!) and getting rained on! We stumbled across a small set of builds; one of which was Roxelana's Madhatter Designs; where I found a nice pair of panda hats for mah sugah Alexi and her sister Sol. She's still building, but go check it out, and tell her I sent you!

Stumbling on a little further, we came across a nice little hall in which we could camp for the night (/me winks) and there we left it; resting easy for the march back to Infinity and the TP across to the next island...

Hope all is well with you,



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