Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Letter from Elpis Oh on the Travelling Home Group

Dear Lillian,

Wish You Were Here? #1

Well, a few days ago, mah sugah, Alexi, went off on a walk. She's PST and I'm GMT, so it's hard to get together for that sort of thing; we tend to spend our limited time together either hanging out or listening to music. So, with some Swedish friends, Gordon and Yrsa, I decided it would be kinda fun to do a walk as well.

The ground rules: we can't TP over obstacles unless there is no other way around. We can't run or use vehicles (except to cross water). We can leave the walk and resume; but we must take a LM from the spot we leave and go back there to continue.

The most essential part of any trip is to be well prepared, so we went out and bought some good hiking boots, a robust backpack and some comfortable clothes, brought up the map and zoomed out. We picked a sim about as far as we could find at such a low magnification (private islands don't show up very well, and wouldn't be much fun for a walk anyway!). We landed on Egill, in the far northeast corner of the sim.

The first evening's walk was hard going. The sims around here are hard going; lots of little islands or open stretches of water, lots of ban lines and too much lag, but we made it about halfway across the continent and did make a few friends at a seedy dive called the Riff Rock Club

We stayed at the club for about half an hour chatting to the locals and moved on; our feet starting to itch yet again.

The rest of the evening's walk was a nightmare of lag and getting stuck in walls; so we gave up and turned in for the night, having already crossed about half the continent.

The following day, we restarted; firstly exploring a ski ramp that we hadn't noticed previously (sadly, no skis!) before continuing on, having a short chat with a nice lady who then, weirdly, started to follow us. She remained at a discreet distance - 60-90m, but she was there for most of the evening.

We came across some houses. Being hungry, and with the door locked and no-one in, we *gasp* broke in. We raided the fridge, bounced on the bed and looked at the interesting list chalked up on a board on the wall. Feeling slightly guilty about our criminality, we left a present for the residents and smashed another window to get out.

We wandered into a small sex shop; the usual fare here and after a brief pause to look around and tut disapprovingly (hehee) we moved on across a forest of spinning "For Sale" signs. Now, I don't know about you, but one thing that's guaranteed to put me off buying land is a jungle of spinning signs. Especially on a series of 32m plots! So, after sitting and chatting for a while about buying land, ban lines and stealing from fridges, we moved on up the hill.

We arrived at the water's edge, but not wanting to leave for the next continent quite yet, we decided to swing down the coast a little. After a short while walking past the usual modern beachouses and tiki huts we bumped into this strange, beautiful figure, resplendent in a flowing gown, stood alone in the midst of a great hall of marble. She seemed to be AFK, but then after waving a hand in front of her face, she came to life. That, dear Lillian, was you. You invited these three strangers in, gave them a tour of your wonderful home and provided us with the most wonderful opportunity; the chance to share our journey with you and your readers.

Unfortunately, that's where the walk had to end for the evening. One of my friends back home, Kasha, IMed me to tell me something was wrong with O'Toole's Pub (an Irish-themed pub I built on Happy Clam Island). So, being a bit of a retentive about such things, I just had to TP back to sort out the problem. Not much; I'd accidentally rezzed a few parts of another building there earlier in the day and hadn't noticed! Oops! A quick round of deletions and off to bed.

So, we'll be continuing our journey tonight and we hope to see many more wonderful things before we finally arrive home. Oh, and on your advice, I've set up a Flickr page:

I'll write again soon and let you know how we progress

Have fun, wherever your travels take you,


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  1. This is interesting post, makes me think of Bratt Pitt and the Pikeys from Snatch.