Saturday, August 18, 2007

Boutique Club Review: House of V

The D in BDSM might as well stand for "drama," at least in most places. However, this is not the case in one of the fastest growing BDSM clubs in Seocnd Life: The House of V. Over the last two months, with consistent regularity, HoV has grown in traffic and in the number of regulars, from a small core, to todays very crowded and chatty groups of regulars, including a corps of escorts, members and mangers who can be counted on to populate the place at any time.

It is not the build, which is cluttered. Nor is it particularly the quality of the dancing, which is slightly better than average. Instead it is the steady accumulation of people who have found other people they like, and the generally intelligent and lively conversation and friendliess. In a Second Life that has many dank and dismal BDSM places, and many sex places which are loaded with crudity, profanity and newbie cocks, the House of V features people with well done avatars, good manners, and a commitment to staying in character in the setting. It is generally well equiped in its private areas, though suffers from the usual, though not more than usual, ball sprawl...

One important aspect of the House of V is the "anything goes" "Member Days" Tuesdays and Fridays, where members are given license to do anything to anyone else, guest or employee. This one day "Hard ALley" situation means different things to different people. SOme people avoid the place on that day, others don't miss it.

Every TUESDAY and FRIDAY is Member’s Free For All. Any paid up House of V member can have the free use of anybody they find at House of V on these days (Midnight to Midnight SLT). This includes escorts, dancers, staff and non-member visitors. They will be warned! It can include other members if they say yes. Only personal hard limits apply

This easy going style also stands in sharp contrast to the more high gothic and high drama stance of Twisted Orchid. There is clearly room in Sl for both kinds of approach.

In short, relaxed, normal people who are friendly , well mannered, speak well, but none the less, in the lifestyle, at least in sl, and welcoming to new people...

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