Friday, August 17, 2007

Comings and Goings in Club Land

Dollhouse, the successor to Eden, has beefed up the camping to launch a high traffic number. The new club is centered around cam girls and aims at the upscale market.

For those who are blinking at today's top 20, it is no mistake, Bad Girls is again below the top 20 line. But you also would be wondering why PhatCats is missing. The parcel description has changed to "." but the club and mall are still there and doing their normal traffic.

Ami's place has announced it is dropping camping, and is going to try and make a go of it strictly on escorts and customers. I have been dancing there for the last two weeks, and have watched with interest the changes in the club from a camper driven add space to a big box escort club with a growing number of regulars. Can anyone make a go of it without a mall? Or does Ami Lang have shops in mind for the future?

The Galaxy is a new club that is making a direct run at being a Big Three type club, camper pod driving traffic to an event and strip pole centered dance floor with djs and event hosts trying to convince people that this is the place to hang out. While not the best dancing in SL, they are making a go at raising the quality and providing an experience comparable to Elements.

Xavier's Playmates at Lucia Bay has been empty the times I have been there, except once when the alts of some well known SLers were there swapping stories about shopping. If these individuals are thinking of making Xavier's a regular hang out, it could be a very interesting place.

One of the hidden powers of SL escorting is the pair of properties that comprise Bondage Sex Dungeon and Twisted Orchid, the combine traffic makes them as large as any of the big three, and with lower amounts of camping. I have a profitable ad at BSD and used to work at TO.

I need to write on some of the major boutique clubs in SL of the rpesent time: House of V, Dream Girls Ilsand Empress club Club XTC, dirty Dungeon, Brandy's Dollhouse, Club Pandore and Black House of Music & Mall.


  1. I wish they'd rank places by quality or by interesting features, not just by crude traffic. Who needs crude traffic.

  2. Search is soooo broken.

    I can't even begin to comment on the abomination that is sl search.