Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Land Prices Collapse

There are 4096's going for 6.1 and 6.2.

These are the lowest prices since I have gotten on to SL. My land guru is talking about moving Yedo completely. Sure, he isn't the builder, and doesn't have to deal with the problems of that. But if we could find a viable 4.... I'd think about it. Realize that three weeks ago, land went for 10.1 minimum. There is a great deal of land "priced to sit" at 12 and 13.

My own feeling is that LL is trying to attract a whole new audience, or that they are going to raise tier fees by a great deal once this land sells.

But whatever happens, anyone who was expecting to get their set up fee back when they sold is going to be sadly disappointed. Kiss that money good by dears.

The best way of thinking of SL is as a corrupt monarchy around 1700. The king is a player, just like everyone else, and the "government" concerned only with the king's glory in his combat with other kings. The king has friends, they get special treatment. The rest of us, have to do what we can.

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