Monday, August 6, 2007

The Escort Market on SL

Executive Summary

Whore/Slut play: 200L :10, 350L :30, 500L 1:00 (plus room cost)
Escort 350L-500L :15, 600L-800L :30 1500L 1:00 (plus room cost)
Top quality SL 600L-800L :15 1500L :30 2500L-3000L 1:00 (will have her own place)
Vox 1500L :15 (will have her own place)
Cam 3000L :15 average 10K :15 HD (will have her own place)
Contract 10K/wk non exclusive, 20K/wk premium, 30K/wk exclusive.
Corp: 25 USD-40 USD/hr for corporate work, with sl sex as a fringe benefit
Clubs: varies widely depending on selection and service.

Ways to find:

Dance clubs: 150L to get topless, 400L nude. 350L personal lap dance/bj for :10 or :15 on site.
Ads: Most places that show up in a search for escorts have ads, checking ads is free.
Freelancing: Orgy rooms no, since they ban escorting, but free lance clubs, such as Escorts Alliance allow freelancing. Many BDSM sex dungeons allow, or wink at, freelancing. There are several boutique clubs that cater to specific needs, such as BDSM. There is one very good trans-sexual place right now: She-male sanctuary.

Everything else

There is no such thing as free sex. Either you pay in money, or you pay in time searching to get lucky, or you pay in having poor quality and less options, or you pay in emotional work of having a relationship. The question is how you, the man, and it is mostly men I know I am talking to, rl men, want to pay. Since I am in the business of selling virtual and vox sex for money, I am writing this to give you an outline of what the linden expectation should be, so you can make your own choices. If oyu want to go around propositioning every girl you run across, or haunting sex dungeons and so on, that's fine with me, but do realize that bottom feeding is no cheaper than simply paying. It is up to you, and no one should make any judgments about your needs and how you fulfill them with consenting adults. Just don't expect people who have put the time and effort into creating a superior experience to be friendly when you waste their time trying to brow beat them into giving out a freebie.

So for those of you looking to go to SL to pay for virtual sex, I thought I would give a simple look on what to do, and how the game goes. I regularly check rates at dozens of the places that rent escort ads, and talk with dozens of other girls. In general, I have to say that sl escorting has a higher customer satisfaction rate than say, LL's handling of inventory. Because escorting is a hands on front line customer service job, the quality of customer service is higher. Some shop owners are "get out of my hair!" about complaints, no escort can long afford to be.

The Whore Slut Play

Let's start at the bottom of the for pay chain: the person, male or female, who wants to be a female whore slut. For them, it is playing, and they are charging more or less to keep the demand on their time within reason. Charging even 100L cuts out a hoard of empty fuckatards who want nothing but "give it to you deep!" repeated for 20 minutes.

The place to go, of course, is the bottom of the escort barrel, where girls trying to get their start, often with newbie skin and hair still on, no scripted parts and only their cybering skills to put in play, are mixed in with girls who will look soem what better, but just had a club shut down under them, or are their because that is what the player wants.

The rates in this area run from 200L for :10 to 350L for :30 to 500L for as long as you want to use them. They will generally not have their own place or animations, so you either have to supply these, by having one, or by renting one. Renting generally runs 50L or 75L, and you, the client, will be expected to pay.

The place to go is, of course, the Red Light District in Amsterdam, which is always heavier with girls than clients. You will get three or four offers quickly, and can pick the one you like.

The whore slut play works best with either the simple "suck and fuck" or simple cum on the body acts where you don't want or don't care about animations to go with it. This is why many girls will offer blow jobs only at 350L :15, simply because it keeps them competitive with the people who offer the whore slut play.

One great insecurity down in the whore slut world is the rl gender of the girl. The problem is that "verified girls" doesn't really mean anything, any more than someone else's social security number can't be used. Many of the people offering "verified" services are, in themselves, making ridiculous assertions such as "80% of all sl girls are men." This isn't even close to true. You have no way of knowing, even if the account was "verified" who is logged in to an avatar at any given moment, unless you are on voice or cam with them. And the people who play cam, are hmmmm very limited in number. If being sure you are with an rl girl is what you must have, then what you really should be looking for is the singles scene. There is a good deal of sl, and some rl, sex going on there. More in another post.

Basically, at this level of pay, check your concerns at the door, because they aren't going to be really met. At the next tier up, the concern vanishes, simply because thepatrons at the next level up are generally intersted in something else. Many of your fellow whore slut players want the feeling of having degraded a real woman on the other end. But it is a fantasy we are selling dears, and if going through a few intermediate steps to fulfill that fantasy is what it takes...

Most girls don't stay long in this world. They either get their fill, get the shock of what some of the clients want, and how little they are willing to pay for very invasive requiremnts, I had one person offer me 200L :15 for cam, or get good enough to start charging more and having more fun. The number of true regulars in this world isn't zero, but it isn't a place where girls stay for ever and ever.

In short, if this is what you want, and you don't mind the hit or miss of hunting through the bargain bin, there is a world of sl sex out there for the price of a pack of chewing gum. However, many of the girls you encounter will be passing through very quickly on to better things, or will be stuck with very newbie quality avatars.

Average Escort

The average SL escort works hard at her job. She is, if oyu think about it, doing customed tailored pornography, real time, for you. Personal service. The "man" question is generally answered by time: few men can do this kind of thing day after day for week after week. Few anyone can.

The rates at this level are between 400L :15 to 500L :15, with an hour going for about 1500L to 2000L. Good tranny escorts are in a similar range, though many can be found at the lower tier who are somewhat better than their het counterparts, because living as a pre-op is their fantasy.

At this level you are still often going to pay for the place, or be expected to have one of your own. The girl should have at least a good selection of shape and skin, perhaps a freebie but one of the good freebies, and she should know how to emote well. "*" is right out at this level. She may work a club dancing. If you are interested in actual sex, you have two ways to go. One is to not bother to tip, but come straight out and ask if she is an escort. She should have an escort tag if she is working, or it should say so in her profile or groups list. Don't be shy, just ask. She will be happier to get it out of the way, and so will you.

The other is to see how well she emotes and what her style is. Runny sluts will emote about how we thtye are, how their bodies are overheated, and so on. A girl's style on the long pole, will chances are be her style on your short pole. From fast and descriptive, to long and gushing, there are all kinds, and a relatively short time watching, and relatively few tips, will tell you what you need to know about how they will work on you in bed. There is also the advantage of flirting, and finding out of she has your particular kink.

At this level, cybering is what you will be getting, and what you should be looking for. The ability to spin out roleplaying may or may not be there, but the ability to make a coherent sex scene, from kissing to oral to penetration, and the ability to react to changes in direction, such as your choosing a different animation, is at the general level of skill that you should expect from this level of sl escort.

Many, but not all, escorts at this level will have scripted bits, particularly excite or sensations. In the BDSM world, you should expect the girl to be collarable, and be willing to wear piercings or other signs of servitude, and have at least the basic slave animations, and know the style of submission that she present. The most common specialties are Gor, Leather and Latex submissive, and slave. The girl should hve the right outfit, or an outfit which is personal, but fitting.

At this level you have to realize that the girl you are working with is a professional, and is part of the sisterhood. She will know other escorts. We all talk. So if you are more abusive, dishonest or time wasting than is expected, don't be surprised if you get a reputation quickly. Remember: we all talk. And even escorts who hate each other, will close ranks on this one.

So how does the date go? First you need to negotiate what you are going to do, and how much it will cost. Girls at this level have compelx menus of services, and different grades of pricing. They will often charge more for the first :15 than for the next :15 and so on. They will often charge differently depending on whether you want straight sex, or something more spicy.

The next step is to go to the place where you will have sex. Again, at this level, you will be expected to provide, or have, a place and a sex bed.

Then you will pay, in advance, for the services. One reason to look for girls with ads, is that if the girl tps out, and it does very occasionally happen, it is not too difficult to contact the place where she has the ad. More oftne, of course, men pretending to be clients try to find some way of cheating the girl. Experienced girls will not put up with people who want free samples, particularly voice free samples, and in and out games.

At this level, many girls sell rl pics of themselves. These, of course, may or may not be rl pics, but it is something that you can look for in ads as a service, and many men like to have a body, if not a face, to go along with their sl expeirence. Expect to pay between 300L and 750L for a single picture, and 2000L for a set. Many of these sets will be culled from the internet, but not all are. And it is fantasy remember?

One place to get some what of a bargain in this world is with cam girls. Many cam girls actually do sl sex at relatively ordinary rates, because what they are doingis warming you up for paying for their much more profitable cam services. In fact, many girls who don't do cam have had customers offer handsomely for cam, I've been offered 20K for :15 minutes of giving up my video virginity. However, if you don't intend to buy cam services, the cam girl will almost certainly not have sl sex with you when she figures this out. And yes, we can tell the fast talkers fairly quickly. The downside is that she is going to spend time talking up doing a cam session with her. The other warning is a repetition of "we all talk." Do this to more than one or two cam girls, and your name will be passed around.

After paying, you are in charge. You should expect to be in charge. Now that can mean that you have asked her to lead the way, but at this level, this is a hit or miss proposition. Average girls have the skills to provide, but they don't always have the skills to create a world around them. Those that do rapidly rise out of this level, and get their own place and start building their own selection of equipment and fantasy. If you have specific needs, one way to get a better level of service is to go to a boutique club that specializes in the kind of things that you want to do. If oyu want a BDSM slave, then go to a BDSM club, you can expect better animations, better roleplay, and better choices, because the specialization allows for it. She will also know other, more experienced escorts, who can help her find what she does not have.

Another rule here: for threesomes, you will almost always have to pay girls their full rate. This has caused groans from many clients, but double discounts are not particularly common at this level.

The summary here is that there are several hundred average sl escorts out there, they are pretty, hard working, and can bring you off. It is a somewhat glutted market at this level, so take your time to look for what you want. You will have to supply the place as often as not, and be willing to deal with a certain amount of improvisation. However, if cybering to moving pictures is enough for you, there are many girls who will be happy to make you happy.

Top tier SL sex/Vox

These levels blur together, as a girl gets her regulars and her own "kit" together. But the division in total, is stark. Welcome to the level of girls who are doing this, or have done this, frequently and as a large part of their time on SL. The basic differences are equipment, experience and vox. I am going to go over each of these.

First equipment. Girls at this level have acquired top tier skins, and have many of the tricks of the trade, cum animations, wet skins, their own skybox and menu driven sex bed. They should have their shape tailored for dresses, pants and nude. They should be able to match a variety of looks and fantasies without too much preparation.

Second, experience. Girls at this level should know sl, not just sl sex. They should be able to take you shopping and get you looking fine. They should be able to roleplay, direct you to girls who are a better fit for your needs, take you dancing, lead you through your own fantasies and explore. An average girl can give you what you want, a top tier girl, can lead you to where you have dreamed of.

She will have scripted parts, she will know how to use them, and she will be able to help you use yours. She will use animations during the flirting. She will have her own AO with animated stands, and not static poses that she leaps between. She will know how to make you feel at ease and draw you out. She may dance at a top club, or be the lead dancer at a boutique, or even the club owner herself.

The bottom end of this tier of service looks like the last: 500L for :15. However, you should expect to pay, on average 705L :15 for sl sex at this level. The things that you will know make her different from her notecard are this. First, simplification. Fewer rates, fewer qualifications, fewer limits. She will have her own place, and either say so, or simply imply it. Girls at this level will do top quality emoting, and be able to not just string together emotes, but be able to describe, in detail, more ornate physical acts. The quality of writing on the card will tell you. The average girl is "Hi! I am an 23 year old slut looking for fun!" The top tier girl will have a sense about her, whether she is a submissive, a mistress or simply the most luxurious virtual sex you will find.

Mistresses will often charge in this area, even if not quite the quality, because, frankly, subs are time sinks and can never be counted not to want extra strokes.

The last difference at this level is vox. Voice escorting. Voice escorting goes through skype, rather than through sl, because sl's voice is still not very stable. She may well have the ability to call your phone number if you want. The going rate for vox, even with sl voice now being "main client" is 1500L :15.

At this level, bargaining is generally out, the girls who play at this level know their value, often have other ways of making money.

Since this is where I am in the scale of things much of the time, I can say that it is a smaller club than average escorting. Roleplay, handling the environment, and making you a better lover, sl and rl, are the things you should expect. The girls working this level definitely have a sparkle, an intelligence, a wit, a roundedness. They are often becoming successful as designers or other pillars of the sl community, perhaps to leave escorting behind, or perhaps to establish their own clubs. Men who appreciate women who have more to give, will find that sl has many flowers, and some of them are roses of rare quality.


The top of sl pornography, easily, is the cam girl. While you can join cam sites, and there are girls on sl who like to play cam for free, if you don't mind taking a number and standing in a very long line, to get quality HD cam is going to run you 10K for :15. More basic cam services run 5K for :15. Update: someone just sent me a notecard for a new cam girl who is offering :15 ofr 3K.

Currently there about 20 cam girls working sl regularly that I know of, this is not an exhaustive count, but merely the ads I have or have seen from the common escort ad places. They will use their rl pictures on their ads most of the time, and advertise cam prominently. Often, if they do sl sex, they will either do it cheaply to pitch cam to you, or they will have relatively extensive equipment to enhance the cam experience.

Cam girls are in the rl pornography business. They are doing this for their rl living directly, and as a result, while they may be nice about it, they are even less tolerant of time wasting than ordinary escorts are. This is what they do.

The cam world is in many respects the simplest, because it is an established rl business model moved into sl. The advantages to the client are the anonymization that lindens give, and the ability to engage in flirtation and a rounder contact with the girl. All of the cam girls working sl for any length of time are good at what they do, they take pride in their work and deliver exactly what the product is expected to be: you get to watch them play with themselves while engaging in sexy talk and showing them your equipment. They are to an extent apart from the rest of the sl escort community, and care less what happens to the rest of sl escorting. But the we all talk rule is still in play.

The short version here is simple: what you see, is what you get, and cam girls are professionals rl, and you should, and can, expect them to be everything they say they are.

Corp, Contract and sex clubs

One growing area of sl escorting is contract or corp work. I have done corp work, but not contract or sex club.

Contract is simply buying a girl's time by the week. For about 10K you can get a specialized girl, one who will have her own place and equipment, and expect her to drop everything for you. She will still dance, she will still escort, but you will have first call, and as long as it averages about :30 a day, she will be very happy to have a full time man. Often this is a master/slave arrangement. For about 20K you can get a girl who will stop actively dancing and hunting, and stay fresh for you and your needs. 30K will get you her full attention, for almost as much time as she is on.

Corp work is an sl assistant with benefits. It might seem that corporations would not like this, but it is becoming more frequent for a person who wants an entre into sl to hire an escort to be his full time assistant, and from time to time have some fun on the side. Corp work will pay the girl at the same sorts of rates you would expect from consulting for anything web: 5K to 10K per hour of work, with, of course, sex being part of the ride provided there have been enough "normal" hours. The arrangement often has money pass through the hands of an alt. For this the girl should attend meetings and press conferences, be able to handle duties such as making introductions to sl people, finding sl goods, do basic scripting, know the way to avoid problems on sl, and in general be your presence in SL when you are not there. Corp work is very good when you can get it.

Sex clubs are another area which is expanding on sl. The most basic level are really the whore slut play made into a standing group: the used join the group for free, the users, say rapists, pay to join. The prey wear tags, "Story of O" style, and are open to be used when they do so. However, the pricier end is to pay a membership of 3K to 10K per month, and have access to which ever girls are on tap. I don't have any experience with these arrangements, and the groups don't seem to be stable yet. It is, however, a perfectly reasonable way to go about doing business, depending on the quality of the people running the group. Many pimps are extremely bad to their girls, and as a result, don't keep girls for very long. The same can be said of many clubs however.


SL escorting runs from desperate girls starting out, to experienced citizens of the sl universe who go far beyond sexual services. It includes girls having fun, married women taking a break from the tedium of their lives, men creating pornography, and up and comers of both genders using escorting as a way to distinction in sl. There is a wide range of tastes and services. At the lower end, you are really just paying to keep the playdopes away, weeding out the "wanna fuck now!?!?!?!!" crowd, but really it is for mutual amusement. At the middle are girls paying for their pixel shopping addictions and using escorting to get set up. At the top are people who have rl qualifications, either because they do rl pornography for a living, or because they have rl skills that are useful in sl.

It helps to know what you are looking for. Introductions to sl are often best with girls who charge more, but as a result have seen more. Experienced men can often do better with less experienced escorts for the opposite reason: if you know what you want, then you know how to get someone to do it.

I am going to put in a word about two worlds that I have not talked about, but which are growing rapidly: men who escort for women, and gay escorts. Both have pay scales similar to women escorts. However, there are some crucial differences. One difference is that both are harder to find by looking for ads in the various ad places, such as Ami's place. It is better to go to a dance club when looking for men who escort, because there are far more of them who dance and escort, than who place ads and freelance. While the boyz keep to themselves, the quality of dancing at many of the gay male clubs is higher than dancing at comparable het clubs. Many men who play women pay escorts more freely than rl women do, it is an extension of the rule that women seldom pay for sex.

Not surprisingly male escorts are often better at emoting at a comparable price. Among us girls, and I won't mention any names, there are some who think that just being there is enough. This is almost never true among the male escorts, gay, het or bi. Many of the male escorts who are het love women, and love to lavish attention on a female avatar. I talked with one woman who, rl, admits she is very unattractive, and found it a very arousing experience to, for once, be treated like a goddess. So I will say this: just as porn isn't just for boys, going to interactive porn in the form of an escort, isn't just for boys either. If you spend $100 getting pampered at the salon, is it so bad to spend $6 getting pampered a bit here? And think about it, when was the last time you got to tell a man exactly what to do, when to do it, and had him happier at the end of it?


  1. it's either free sex or celibate.


    Anyhow, I used to score free sex but not always. and you're right, if you got it for free, usually there are no options or avatar is teh suck. but sometimes i get lucky.

    Well, its a game so might as well try your luck. If you don't intend to earn money yourself. But if you can pay for sex, why not?

  2. Or you worked at convincing the girl it was worth it, and the two of you had something you wanted to do.

    There is no such thing as free sex, but that doesn't mean the best way to pay for it is with money.

  3. well ive been approached by someone to have sex out of no where, i think once or twice.

    and yea that's free. didn't spend any Ls nor spent some time convincing someone

  4. first one was good tho a quickie but the other one i never got the chance to "feel the moment and get carried away".

    so free sex exists tho its rare.

  5. The article and comments explain much. Not an escort, but I did put some effort into the appearance, animations and other toys because it's fun. I get propositioned *everywhere* as a result, and on the occasions I've played along it invariably led to begging for a partnership or some other sort of LTR. Nothing even remotely close happens in the real world, so the 'free' pickings must be incredibly slim.

  6. Yes, there is no such thing as free sex. Actually, nothing is for free. If you want to have fun all the way, money is really indeed a necessity. After all quality is the basis for payment.

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