Saturday, April 19, 2008

10 on the Bozometer:
New 1.20 Release Candidate totally unusable

Two releases ago the RC was better than 1.19. Now I red map out on every computer I have access to. It is total junk. Total complete junk. Did I tell you that it is complete junk? Then came the "required" release that crashed linux. That one did not work on my computer either. I don't know much about software development, but I do know that software that does not run is not worthy of release candidate status.

Every release of the client has gotten worse and worse and worse and worse. I'm still on Nicholaz, I advise all mac users to go to and stay on Nicholaz. (Here are the links to get and then the mac patch.)

I have to say it: who ever is managing client development and quality assurance at LL hits 10 on the bozometer. These are not "release candidates" but furball builds coughed up from the innards of a yak with a keg of Corona as a build methodology. Fire this person. Fire which ever Linden decided that pissing of Nicholaz was good for lulz.

[I've updated the side links with Coolview as an open source client. And with Barney's coolview page for Mac. These are working on the machines I can test them on, will report more later. 768 leashing needs to be fixed next.]

This isn't software, it's griefing the user base.


  1. Nicholaz did a 1.19.1 based patch, too, and I made the mac version of it, so you can at least have Windlight without too many crashes. On my ATI Radeon based mac it works quite ok in "high" graphic settings and I can go "ultra" for the occasional snapshot - or go "mid" for visiting mainland or other loaded places. And another option is Henri's "Cool Viewer", which goes even further with reverting the 1.19.1 user interface to old-school, so if you are looking for that, there's another option (and a mac release of it is available, too).

    1.20 in the new RC2 at least doesn't crash every few minutes for me anymore, so it slowly seems to get a bit better. It's still having that horrible blue-on-blue color scheme and I still fail to see the point in it, but well, if we look at previous LL performance, we know that stuff will go main client in a while, regardless what the residents think about it.

  2. Thank you Barney for your efforts... I, and numerous other mac users have a good SL experience because of your porting of the N-client. Thank you. Thank you.

    RC2 red maps for me, both on Windows and on MacOS.

    Th first 1.20RC was better than 1.19, but this is just beyond frustrating. Who is in charge of testing?

  3. My tech knowledge is pretty much limited to knowing who to check in with and then listening to them. Um, you, Lillie. Which is why I'm out of 1.19 and on the Nicholaz patch of 1.18.

    Now I'm slowly working my way through my list of friends and, as they complain of crash frequency, and wonder what they are doing wrong, I explain that they are fine and link them over to here for an ongoing tutorial.

    Hmm, in my world, one doesn't want one's clients - that would be users - to feel stupid. It discourages use. Is there a scenario in which LL benefits from driving people away?

  4. I think it is that they have a culture of rushing features out, and the result is that one broken thing out of all of the things that got rushed out makes everything not work correctly.