Friday, April 4, 2008

Three Linden Opera

Three Linden Opera is in the old tradition of the underworld musical: Beggar's Opera, Chicago, Cabaret, Three Penny Opera, Sweeny Todd. Mack is the owner of "Our World" a crooked casino and brothel. Poly writes about it and some of the others of that kind. Mack finds out, and tries to destroy Poly to protect his club.

Dramatis Personnae (In order of appearance)

Rebecca Bellerive - A guardian angel, of a sort
Mack Messier - A club owner
Poly Morpheus - A writer, and sometime escort
Crass Player - Mack's manager
Bruthea Wanderlust - Poly's girlfriend at the start
Prokofiev Never - A pest without a heart
Lead Girl - Crass' female alt

Girls of Our World

What follows, well that's the story...

Act I (Set mainly in or outside of Mack's Club Our World)

In the Beginning Rebecca Bellerive
Mack's Soliloquy Mack Messier
Poly Morpheus Poly Morpheus
Welcome to Our World Mack, Crass Player and Company
Did You? Poly, Bruthea Wanderlust, Prokofiev Never, Mack
Price to Pay Mack, Crass, Bruthea and Company
We Live Mack, Bruthea and Company
Here's Drama! Lead Girl, Poly and Company
I don't Live Here Anymore Poly
Me Bruthea
It's the Turning of the Wheel. Poly, Company and Mack
Nonogamy Lead Girl
Then I'll Be a Star - Prokofiev Never, Crowd.
Where's our Cash?

Act II
(In and around the orgy room that Our World is converted into)

Fancy a Fuck?

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