Sunday, April 27, 2008

The prophone wave is growing.

The phone sex professionals have discovered SL. From the beginning of this project I have believed that the rites of old SL, cyber, animations and a literary take on sex, were doomed before the raw needs of the porn industry, and it would be phone sex that would take over. 20 year industry veterans are coming into SL in increasing numbers, and the simple math of it is this: a prophone girl can charge 200L to 250L a minute. That is what an average cyber-escort makes in tracking down a customer, in the space of 3 minutes of cooing into the microphone. And the average cyber escort is lucky to convert one session an hour of dancing. Itself a bit of concentration.

What they do is park avies in orgy rooms on pose balls. They program in 15 gestures at a key stroke, and keep more than one avie going at one time. When a man jumps on a pose ball, they pitch the phone sex. One prophone girl does her homework, about once every 3 minutes hits a key. That's 45 minutes before she's even looped once, and "mmmm" doesn't need to be programmed. If she gets one 10-15 minute session an hour, her reported average to me, that's 2000L-3000L an hour. More than almost any cyber escort can do. She studies the rest of the time, and spends nothing on content. She doesn't care, because her avies are just billboards, and are only there to attract horny guys. If they aren't willing to pay, it's not even worth her time to type and pose for 15 minutes. Let them have "push it in you so deep!" cyber sex, from her perspective.

This is the raw reality of proton pushing and prophone. It's going to replace "escorting" with pose pumping and pushing product. The demand is enough that a student can make money, low drama, while doing her chem homework. Mostly women, but I've met at least one guy who is taking roughly the same approach.

Since people aren't willing to pay much for literotica and machanimasex, at least not enough to really be worth it except for a very few, then it is going to be replaced. Prophone services, from well known to one person shops, are recruiting through out SL, and they are offering rates that make being a prophone escort a good second job, with no commuting costs, and no need to wear nasty polyester pink collar uniforms. Or pay taxes, in many cases. Take Paypal, no VAT.

Work from home. 300 dollars a week. No costs, no commitment.

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