Monday, April 21, 2008

Testing Henri Beauchamp's Build

Barney has been good enough to put the coolview for the mac out...I will test this. But i think we will still have to patch this to work above 768M.

[I can at least log in and stay logged in... this may be a good step... but it is still leashed at 768M... that needs to be fixed.]

[Updated... a friend of mine sent me this file to be put in a directory deep in the Second Life app folder. It allows teleporting by the world map above 768M. He says he only changed one thing from the original file... the same thing he changed on the Nicholaz to allow me to use the map above 768M... I've contacted Henri Beauchamp about making this change and hunting for the build change, so that we don't have to wait for the very troubled 1.20 release...]

[I'm in and am upping the graphics...]

[Can't build with it...will have to check somethings... but that is as they say "a deal breaker..." if it is the client...]

[Found the problem, it had reset all the options... and so had limit select distance on... also camera constraints...]

[It seems to be working... draw distance to 512... I've contacted Henri in world about patching the map...]

[The other big thing that 1.19 is missing is the client handling jaggy removal...]

[I know I put this on the other post... but however it works... Barney's Patch Utility that puts Henri Beauchamp's Coolview on your mac... I'll go over 768M patching when I can squeeze the details of how to do it from the person who sent me the file...]

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