Thursday, April 24, 2008

I get asked

why I spend time in orgy rooms.

Let me answer that.

One reason I came to Second Life was to study the undercurrent of sexualized rage which is part of our global environment. By going to those places which promote the illusion that women should be treated as autolubricating fuck holes for the use of infantile homophobic jerks, that's a good way of knowing what is really the, as Ten Book puts it, rectal temperature, of the civilization.

The other reason is to help newbies ready to move up and out. Can you think of a better place to find clueless people in need of help? I don't know what percentage of the male population passes through an orgy room, but it has to be pretty high.

The orgy room culture is the undercity of Second Life, and as such, it needs to be studied. In no small part it is a culture created by Linden Lab and it's incentive structure. With the rise of bots, regular camping is almost extinct, and with it when the people, no one knows how many, who camped to get a bit of spare change to pay for content. Free camping, aka promising "free sex" is a great way to getting stupid horny neo-adolescent guys to hang out in your sim. And buy the generally overpriced junk content that is there sold.

The irony is that what we call "orgy" rooms on second life are not. In real heterosexual orgies, I am told by people who know, single males are not allowed. No female partner, no admission. What we really have in Second Life don't even rise to the level of chat rooms, because there's no chat in about 70% of all approaches.

LL may say that it doesn't want to promote hateful actions, but really, as long as the current form of camping exists to promote cock dumps, it is doing so.

Would I ban orgy rooms? Not at all, in fact, if we had some good ones, I might even go play there, and I would certainly take clients. What I would change is the traffic system, which gives people an incentive to have cock dumps, rather than well, actual orgies.

We all pay for this. I'm glad these perverse incentives exist, though, because it has allowed me to learn things that really cannot be learned any other way.

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