Sunday, April 6, 2008

Postcard From 22nd Century Yedo

Hi, it's me. Lillie.

yes I know I have not been writing all that much, but you can't believe how amazingly (I almost wrote "unbelievably there...") busy it has been with getting the new sims in 22nd Century Yedo going. We've got the tower done, and it is breathtakingly pretty, especially if you walk all the way up to the observation deck and et your view distance out to 512 or even 1024M. There's more to come. And Yedo Bay just looks gem-like. Yes we have two more residential sims rented, at $125/month with no fees upfront they are cheaper than any place else I could find, though you can get it down to $85 a month if you are willing to pay the set up costs.

And then there is the wikiHUD updates... yes they will be working with the sculpture garden shortly.

XXX Lillie


  1. Lillie, Your sculpture garden is one of, hmmm no, my absolute favorite SL place to bring friends.

  2. You are so kind!

    Tesla will be done soon, and I have a cube sculpture that is in the works.