Saturday, April 26, 2008

Back home sort of.

I'm back home, sort of.

It is sort of strange to be in a room that I worked in a great deal, and now have not visited for months. It is sort of strange to see things that once were part of my daily existence, and now are not.

It is very strange, because it smells and feels different. I am not a regular of this place, any more. I have spent hours talking to someone face to face who used to be a regular part of my daily life, but is now strange to me. His face is different, he's changed. He was a bit thinner last I saw him, and a bit less haggard. The days have not been kind to him.

He's working on things, I know this, but some how I don't think the pressure is good for him. He should spend more time in world, it would do him good.

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