Friday, April 4, 2008

WikiHUD 1.06

Available here.

• Fixed crash bug on multiple queries.
• Replaced ":" separator with safer "•"
• Allowed /5 source to also query an article so /5 wikia Yedo Basilica changes the source wiki and queries Yedo Basilica in that wiki.
• Added ability to relist commands.
• Listen feature. /5 listen toggles whether the wiki will listen to other sources. This is abusable by spamming, but is intended for information to be embedded in objects. To get a user's wikiHUD to chat information if listening the channel is 7777 and the format is article name•key id.
• Added San Jose State University Wiki, home of sloodle

Already working on version 1.07 which will include the ability to replay older queries, and have a more robust self-guided tour feature. Part of the problem is that the code has now gotten large enough that I need to do something to make it smaller. It's not good code, very bloated and verbose, so somewhere I should introduce a smaller version.

I'll have the documentation page updated sometime tomorrow.

As usual thanks for the comments on this project and for the people who are using it. I'll have an update on the second life wiki project at shortly.

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