Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Delayed... really? My, who ever would have thought it

Land store launch delayed two weeks.

Well this was kind of inevitable. We knew that LL was going to be late on things, and planned accordingly. But LL needs to plan better. What they did with open space sims, after working to put them online for weeks, was require that we take them off line to get the refund, and risk not having the regions later. This was a poor decision. Instead Jack Linden, should have done the logical thing, and just discounted island fees for open space sims delivered after a certain date. This would have amounted to 160 USD, or slightly more than two months free fees. Even if they had just offered two months, then that would have been better. Now LL is having to refund money, when it could have kept the money it had. Perhaps part of their incentive was to free up servers for the big mainland push, but that kind of jerking the customers around is why people are so upset with LL so often.

That we've been told the delay is up to "two weeks" is also unfortunate, and foolish. Several customers might well have held on a the higher price if they knew they would be out of island for two weeks. Better communication so that people can plan would go along way in making things work better. You cannot tell me that on the 15th, when people had to make the refund decision, that the land store not being ready for up to two weeks was not something known about. Slipping a couple of days is believable as a last minute problem, slipping up to two weeks is something you knew about before.

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