Thursday, April 24, 2008

[19:35] Odissey Rossini: hello :)
[19:35] Lillie Yifu: Hello
[19:36] Odissey Rossini: how are you?
[19:37] Lillie Yifu: I am well
[19:37] Lillie Yifu: how may I help you?
[19:38] Odissey Rossini: maybe we can help both? :)
[19:39] Odissey Rossini: are you still here?
[19:39] Odissey Rossini: ?
[19:40] Lillie Yifu: I am here
[19:40] Odissey Rossini: do you are a escort?
[19:40] Lillie Yifu: What is it you are looking for?
[19:41] Odissey Rossini: sex
[19:42] Odissey Rossini: you?
[19:42] Odissey Rossini: then?
[19:43] Lillie Yifu: money
[19:43] Lillie Yifu: you pay me
[19:43] Lillie Yifu: we can have sex
[19:43] Lillie Yifu: how's that?
[19:43] Odissey Rossini: ahahah
[19:43] Odissey Rossini: i don't pay, am sorry :)
[19:46] Lillie Yifu: well then I don't have sex with rude smarmy guys like you
[19:46] Lillie Yifu: sorry
[19:47] Lillie Yifu: and dear, there's no such thing, as free sex
[19:48] Odissey Rossini: ahahah ok call me rude ONLy beacause i don't pay you...if i payed i would be a prince eh? ...silly girl!
[19:49] Lillie Yifu: if you were to ask a sim owner for free land
[19:49] Lillie Yifu: he'd call you rud
[19:49] Lillie Yifu: if you were to ask a vendor for free shoes
[19:49] Lillie Yifu: he or she would call you rude
[19:49] Lillie Yifu: yes you are rude
[19:49] Lillie Yifu: and you are making trouble for yourself
[19:50] Lillie Yifu: I advise you stop
[19:50] Odissey Rossini: get lost you are only a bitch upset nbecause i don't pay and i wasn't rude until now to be rude like you are!

I post these because it seems to me to be the only way to underline that Second Life's current incentives to create nasty men looking to abuse women for free cyber sex leading to real sex, is something that must be repeated over and over again, so that the outside world will know that Second Life is currently a cesspool, out of which crawls behavior which is not acceptable.

People come to second life to be atrocious. As long as there is economic incentive to cater to this kind of thing, Second Life will be looked upon as a lesser place.


  1. what happens if between
    [19:43] Odissey Rossini: i don't pay, am sorry :)
    [19:46] Lillie Yifu: well then I don't have sex with rude smarmy guys like you

    there is a line of chat, more or less:

    "As an escort, I am paid for my services. My time costs money. If you decide to pay, let's talk. If not, goodbye."

    Need the dialogue always devolve?

  2. OMG, how I recognize those lines, If you changed every time you heard that you'll be rich.

    I can't understand how they think, if you like free sex there absolute least chance you have of getting it is with a escort. I can't think or anyone that's harder to give into giving free sex.