Monday, April 28, 2008

Vision from Orbit

As you can see, Henri's latest build is, almost, a success. This means that people can now teleport to, and build, up to 4096M without using an unstable release candidate. The links are on the side of the page. One bug... if you log out above 768M, then the client will log you back in at 768M.

There are also bugs in the general client, some listed in JIRA, others being worked on internally. One of the annoying ones concerns the water disappearing at 1000M, and eing a kind of grey blur at altitude. Not very attractive.

But it is here, the full volume. I am hoping that LL people will push spreading out through that volume to reduce client and server lag using a campus system.

So message: 4096 is here in a release that you can use. As usual: clear cache, download original, download patch, back up old version, install new version, run patch. Best to log on first time with settings at minimum.

Thank open sourcers, this is a wonderful thing you've gotten going. Now to make use of it.

1 comment:

  1. Lillie - please post clear instructions - for the non techie - on cache locating and clearing. For what it's worth, as I learn to do these things - on two G4s - I send a small host of friends to your site and stand by their digital sides as they walk through the latest switch over.