Thursday, April 17, 2008

It's OK, I understand

I feel a bitterness in Rebecca's writing here, about how the Eve Ensler of V-Day is immune the criticisms she levels. But let's face it, celebrity is what people have to make of themselves to keep making a living, and celebrity is about creating a tent that people feel safe in.

Which is why I feel strongly that her carping is misplaced, because it misses what a religious experience is and means. Most people only get to do one thing that hits it in their lives, and they then need to turn that around and make it pay. Many don't. It is small to begrudge Eve Ensler doing what our society tells us we must do to keep drawing from that well that we dig.

The petty back biting, well it isn't just Eve or V-day that engages in that kind of thing, people, of both genders, high and low are prone to it.

My thought is this, I think Rebecca misses that it is, often, a carnival, carnal being the word, that is needed, to let people open up. To take this thing that so much of our relationship with the world is wrapped up in, and make it so that we don't wrap ourselves up in shame over it.

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