Sunday, April 27, 2008

New Coolviewer... may break the 768M barrier....

Barney has a mac build of the latest coolviewer. He says that this one allows building above the 768M line. I will test it today. If so, it would mean that the open source community has shipped a key feature before LL's 1.20 release. (Henri's base build is here, and links are at the top of the Seconds Away list.)

I'm hoping the Henri, Barney and the gang, as well as the Godfather of open source clients, Nicholaz who got this one going with his first round of patches to 1.19, have done it.

Remember if you have a patched client, it is best to go back to the official base release, it is also best if you clear cache before logging out to patch the viewer. and I would advise keeping your current patched viewer in case a new patch does not work for you.

[Barney says the map fix was missed, but will be done soon. So I get to smile and be the first kid on the block with a full patch, because I've got the skin files that fix it on my machine...]

[Barney says the patch is in... so it is time to test...]


  1. Henri made a little oops last night and forgot the map patch and I grabbed his patches too early, so my current patch installer is missing the map-above-768m patch (but includes the build patch). sorry for that, the compiler is allready churning through the source and there should be an updated installer in a while. For now the easiest way to go up to above 768 is just to sit on a prim and edit it's position.

  2. Since it is replacing one file, this should be easy to fix. (I am running with the map patch right now)

    Let me get the name of the file for you.

  3. Oh, no worries - Henri allready had that fixed and I just had to build a new installer, that's all. Fixed Installer is up now. I guess next time I give Henri's patch a day to "burn in" ;)

  4. Will this impact the ordinary user who might be rezzing items above 768m or is it limited to people building above 768m? Or, hmmm, do I misunderstand?

  5. That's something that I will test, because the only ways to make huge prims are to either copy or rez from inventory. So to build with huge prims means to rez...

    I'm hopeful though.